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Avoid Punishing Your dog

Avoid punishing
or reprimanding your puppy for an accident, as it is likely to be more a fault of the owner for not taking the puppy to the potty area soon enough. Learn from mistakes and keep notes on when the puppy has accidents.

Try to see if there is a pattern developing that can assist you in the training, rather than become frustrated with the dog. Virtually every puppy wants to make his or her owner happy, and this can be used as an effective motivator in potty training even young puppies.

The Older Dog

Older dogs that are being housebroken or potty trained for the first time will also have accidents, until they understand what you want. Again, patience and a positive attitude will help the training process.

Remember that dogs arenít aware of the value of antique rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting, rather they tend to relieve themselves where they feel they should - usually somewhere out of the way, like behind the couch or in the corner behind the potted palm.


Is There Anything I Can Do To Help?

YES, There are many things that pet owners can do to make the process of potty training easy for their new dog or puppy.

Good planning, an understanding of the potty training method to be used, plus other factors such as high quality food, lots of exercise, attention and love can all have a bearing on the time that it takes to potty train your dog.

Finally, each dog  is somewhat different in personality and temperament. Some puppies and dogs seem to almost potty train themselves where others, even from the same litter, may require additional training but will soon learn what is expected.


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