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Choosing the right age dog

When youíre deciding which dog to buy from your kennel or pet store, youíll see dogs of many different ages. You must decide what age of a dog youíre prepared to handle. Dogs at different ages come with different positive or negative points that you must consider.

A puppy is the cutest and most adorable age at which dogs exist. While many dogs remain quite attractive even when theyíre older, nothing replaces the appearance of a cute puppy. But puppies also have their downsides. While puppies are cute and playful, you need to keep in mind that you will certainly have the biggest job of your ďparentingĒ situation ahead of you. Puppies need to be trained from beginning to end. You will be responsible for molding this puppy into the kind of dog you want it to be. Youíll likely go through days, weeks, or yes, even months of housebreaking, which is something that many people canít handle without killing the dog first. But at the same time, getting a puppy and raising a dog from puppydom can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

A dog thatís a year or two or three old has already gone through that awkward puppy stage during which it is learning about life. You donít have to teach the dog all about what is good and bad, right and wrong. Someone else has done that job. But what you don not have is the opportunity to name your dog, and experience everything that it has experienced throughout the life it has already led. And you take the training practices and knowledge that the dog has the way it is. Thereís nothing you can do to change how the previous person molded the dog.

The other option is choosing an older dog. If you get an older dog, you need to realize that it wonít be nearly as playful as its younger friends, and it canít handle as much excitement around the house. So if you have kids or other pets, perhaps thatís not the best situation for the older dog. But if you take in an older dog, you are getting an opportunity to give the dog something it needs in its older years--love. 


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